Wordpress , wix vs web development

hey everyone, so there are these platforms such as wix and wordpress that you could develop a website without coding , so my question is what is the need of learning web development , html/css/js and the rest if you could simply build a website as easy as using wix?? what are the advantages of coding a website as compared to writing one using platforms such as wix ???

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For the type of websites that a tool like Wix can build for you, sure, use the tool. But think of it this way: the web interface of Wix that lets you build websites could not be made using Wix.


Something like Wix, or Squarespace, or GoDaddy’s website builder tools are there so that an average person can create a basic website (in theory, the average person still seems to find this very difficult IME). They aren’t some new amazing paradigm that wipes out the need for coding – for example Microsoft FrontPage appeared in 1997, and provided basically the same thing. They are just superior to the tools that existed previously. Most [citation needed] of the users of the services wouldn’t have hired a developer even if those services didn’t exist – for example tiny one-person businesses or single users who feel they need a website for whatever reason.

WordPress, Wix, and the likes are really useful for people who want to have a portfolios, blogs, or basic e-commerces. That said, there are some features and existing plugins that you or the client don’t like it or not enough to solve the problem. In those situations, knowing how to code will come in handy.

Another thing to note is these days web developers are building Web Applications and web applications is to put in simple words - websites that interacts with the users in real time. Think of the platforms like Facebook, Uber, GitHub, Netflix, PayPal. and more, They are too complex to build and it uses more tools than a basic HTML, CSS, and JS.

Because of these, web development is still a very valuable skills and well worth to learn.

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so since wordpress and wix and squarespace are where the average Joe go to for building websites, where do you guys recommend students of the craft like us go to build a website from scratch?

What do you mean? If you are building from scratch, then you don’t need to “go” anywhere.

if you build it from scratch, where do you store your html and css files if you dont want to use your own computer as your server?

Well, you can pay for hosting, but as a student most of the projects you’re working on probably aren’t worth it. If you’re just tinkering around, I wouldn’t worry too much about hosting. Using something like CodePen is a great way to see a live version of your work. As your projects get more polished and you’re ready to show your portfolio to the world, you can host for free using GitHub Pages.

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Ok sounds good!
And for future reference, if one wanted to make a permanently public and dynamic website from the ground up…what host should one use? If you have a website what do you use?
Ive been hearing a lot about digitalocean and that it has a learning curve

Masker, I m a coder, but while taking cs50 I got hired at a real estate agency, this is where I met WP and jumping from Python to … uhhh what is this, photoshop better or just a version, it took me a while to pay attention to the detail which is, think of it, for example Toronto, ON has how many real estate lets do 40 000 per se they all need one thing and to maintain it so they can advertise their next project, condominiums sales, which is a booming business at the moment. Long story short I end up building sites on WP and WIX, and developers that made it earned my deep respect while I am building a site from scratch for my pset exam. Now that being said, I rather know the two sides of the story instead of walking in an office saying I am a Web Developer…and they go OH Perfect make us a web site, here are the tools/ no visual code and mac, for sure, not allowed lol/ and still be able to deal with margins and padding…story is turning into long. know as much as possible, now I got familiar with PHP which I will never consider before that.