Coding or working with website builders

Hi - I am learning basic coding skills -html, css and will start javascript soon. My question is, at least right now, I am looking to have the skills to design basic websites and do some freelance work.

How deeply do I need to go with coding? What will I need to work with website designers like Wix, Square and WordPress?

Hey there!

In my opinion HTML and CSS is more than enough to start making money freelancing, especially with tools like Wix, Square, and WordPress.

I’ve worked with plenty of designers that build websites using those tools and have minimal HTML/CSS knowledge and are still capable of creating beautiful websites. I’ve also seen them get by with no JS or PHP knowledge.

That said, a little JS can go a long way. If you get deep into WordPress or Drupal you’ll eventually want to explore PHP a little too.

JS and PHP are not required to make great websites and land great clients. But the better you get at either (or both) the more options and flexibility you have, and the more productive you may get with your workflow too.


Wix, Square and Wordpress are targeted toward general audiences, so you should be able to use these more or less right now. You don’t need to know anything about code to use these platforms, at least for most straight forward cases.

That said, having some HTML, CSS and JS skills will keep you in the realm of those tools. Its only once you start to leverage those technologies to start building things too complex for Wix/Square/Wordpress do things start to make sense from a freelance perspective for creating things from scratch.

You could use those tools and freelance earlier than later, using your current underlying knowledge to help you stay flexible (as Dan above me mentioned) so keep your doors open.

Or just keep marching along with the curriculum and learn more JavaScript so you can build cooler and better things :+1:

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:


Thank you! Being able to do something now will help me to feel less overwhelmed and less rushed.

Thank you! I am already planning on learning JS and now on your advice I added PHP.

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