Who uses wix.com

I was given this as something to try/build/understand how websites work.
Anyone using wix to build websites?

Hi there,
if you want to understand the concept behind wix or any other website builder out there, it is highly recommended to go through curriculum on FCC and learn technologies.
Even if you want to use those services, at some point you’ll need to fully customize things and for that acquiring certain coding skills is essential.
So in nutshell, there is no other ways except for learning how to make websites from scratch.
Hope this helps you.

It wouldn’t hurt to build some websites for wix. At some point, you’ll probably want more flexibility and custom options. Then you might look into WordPress and use a powerful page-builder plugin like Elementor or Divi, both very good. All of these things are a kind of interface that keep you from looking underneath and seeing what’s going on, and all of them are limited in certain ways. To go beyond, you’ll need to learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript. You can start that process here.

And–it doesn’t hurt to learn a little HTML/CSS before you use wix or WordPress, either.