Would it be a sin to use Wix as your website?

I was just curious. I am assuming, but I am not sure, that after I complete these last four projects in Responsive Web Design, I should be able to make my own website.

I was wondering, would using something like Wix not be a good idea at all? Because I kind of like Wix, but I think that building my own website would not only let me customize it fully, but also allow me to showcase my skillsets.

I guess it depends on what kind of thing your focusing on. I’d consider a custom website to be an excellent place to show-case your skills if your skills are relevant to making a good looking website, like a web designer. Otherwise I wouldn’t care too much about what technology you make your website in, as long as your skills are up to expectations with the jobs your applying with.

For example, a back-end developer could have their website done on Wix (or something similar) and it wouldn’t matter since making “good looking websites” isn’t their area of expertise.

Regardless, its always good to have references of previous work, when job hunting. Just don’t build the website in Wix and say you built it from the ground up. Just don’t think its 100% required, unless your set of skills are oriented toward building front-end, “designed” web sites.

It really depends on what’s your focus area. If you don’t want to have anything to do with design and your work revolves around javascript, back-end or something else then it doesn’t really matter. You can also consider using bootstrap and getting some inspiration from other portfolio pages (I’m assuming you want to build a portfolio) to build it quickly.

Just really think how you can showcase your strongest characteristics, don’t focus on the weak ones, they’re not what will get you hired :slight_smile: