Should I use a template for my web dev portfolio site?

Hello fellow campers,

I’m going to start building my first web dev portfolio site soon. I’m wondering if I should ever use a template to build my portfolio website? I want to use a template because there so many great templates that make your sites look amazing. However, I know the purpose of my portfolio website is to showcase all my skills and projects that I’ve done. If I use a template for my portfolio site that means somebody already did the design work for me, but will the employers be ok with that? Or I should just design and code everything on my own? Kind of a long question, if you finish to the end thanks in advance.

TL; DR: Should I use a template for my portfolio site when I’m trying to look for a web dev job?

What’s your goal?
Do you want to have a nice portfolio with the least effort possible?
Or do you want to learn something?


My goal is just to have a good looking site to showcase all my works to all the employers. I want to get a front-end web developer role.

Hi @cwu023,
Do you already have skills required for a front-end web dev role?

Hi @marzelin,

Not yet, I have learned html, css, bootstrap, and currently still working on javascript.

I suggest building the site yourself without the aid of a template. It may not be as pretty as quickly, but it will showcase your actual skill level while increasing it, and it will be more flexible to work on in the future. Templates tend to be rather rigid and constricting if you have any ideas outside of their box.