Should I start using HTML5 tags now or wait till a time later in the course?

I generally use non-semantic “< div >” tag with classes/id’s to write my HTML. I had earlier found about HTML5 semantic tags but did not see a point in using them as I could do most of the same with these non-semantic tags. Recently though I learnt the added value to HTML5 tags in terms of better search engine optimisation and screen reader support apart from the advantage of improved readability. I am currently about to begin with my Twitch TV application. I thought it would be good to shift from non-semantic to semantic tags right now. That I feel would take some extra adjustment time. So I wonder, should I…? Or will there be some FCC lesson that’ll deal with this later in the course…? [forgive me if there was such a lesson in there already that I might have skipped :expressionless:]

I’d say you should have been using those from your first project. You really shouldn’t omit something that makes your code much easier to read for other potential developers.


Yes, start using them or else you’ll fall into the (bad) habit of only using divs for just about everything. The tags make sites SEO friendly, which is important once you start working on real life projects, and also make the HTML easier to read. Plus it’s always good to know what’s on the cutting edge, especially when it comes to front end development.

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That’s a good mantra :smiley: Thanks for the response.

Thank you. I do use div’s for everything, and I think I sunk into that habit already that I am hesitant to use what’s new. Time to break the habit.

Point taken mate. Thanks for the suggestion.

Its also quite essential for modern screen readers. They just work better with the semantic tags. For the sake of accessibility its a good habit to get into ASAP.

I’m on it right away. Thanks mate.