Should I use WordPress to code this site?

I was recently talking to an electrician who saw one of my sample websites and asked me to make a website that looked like this

He wanted to be able to update projects he was doing so I suggested WordPress because I know that it functions well to update info for people who don’t know much how to code. What I was wondering is if WordPress is really capable of making a website look like the above link. If I customize a theme can it come close to what I linked to? Or is it better to create a website the standard way and update his website on a continuing basis?


No, Your a slave to plug ins. lol


So True…20char

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Thanks guys,I will just tell him I will code his website the standard way

That could easily be done with WordPress, but do it how you want. I would at least build the normal site first. If you have time, then you can convert it to a theme fairly easily.

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Oh I didn’t know that was option. That gets the best of both worlds, I’ll try that out. Thanks Isaac.

Yeah, don’t think with WordPress you have to customize a theme. That gets me frustrated because I can never get the site how I want it. I usually just build the site from scratch and then turn it into a theme or subtheme. It will take a couple months or so to learn how to create custom WordPress pages/themes, but its worth it if you have clients that use the platform that need custom looking pages.

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Hopefully I can learn the customization process quicker than two months. I want to give back my client something soon. I still have to learn PHP though which will definitely hinder me I am sure.

It can be a little hard to learn, but here are some resources that helped me.

This is a really simple way to have a custom page that can plug into any current WordPress theme:

You can use Advanced Custom Fields plugin to create customizable pages. This is really handy.

If you want a complete tutorial, I did one on Udemy that was pretty good. Like all courses on Udemy you won’t remember everything at the end, but it should help you out for $10:

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Thanks again! I’ll be sure to checkout those sources after I work on the main website :slight_smile:

‘See all projects’ button isn’t not seeable on smaller screen sizes.

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lol I noticed, I guess they may have messed up a little with the jquery responsiveness

At about 571px in the browser the" learn more" buttons collapse on themselves too.