Portfolio website review and WordPress question

Hey guys,

I’ve developed my portfolio website - https://dmytronayda.github.io/portfolio/

I am pretty happy about the design right now – though, your suggestions about website look and feel are more than welcome. What I really wanna do is to create a custom WordPress theme out of it – for the ease of use in future and to add blog section to it.

I have created a local host with MAMP and set up the index.php, but when it comes to ‘custom design’ for other pages – I am pretty much stuck.

Could you please suggest any courses? Or materials about creating WordPress theme from html, css, js?


Your profile looks excellent. I did notice that the contact buttons appear dark so are hard to read but apart from that, very good.
Regarding Wordpress theme development, I think you just need to go into each template and style it. I don’t know for sure but my friend managed it.
Trial and error?
Anyway, if you want to study more how about: https://digwp.com/

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Hi, Johnny!

Thanks a ton for the review and kind words about my development.

It’s the first time I got so fast response on my project – FreeCodeCamp community actually seems to work. :grinning:

Also, thanks for the resource you’ve shared. :wink:

Wish you have a rocking weekend ahead!

  • Dima
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Your website looks good. Though it looks a bit incomplete and has a look of a template. May be you need to add more content or add one or two more sections highlighting your skills and all.

There is a good resource I found for WordPress theme development. https://www.cloudways.com/blog/bootstrap-3-wordpress-starter-theme-tutorial/

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Thanks for giving a look and providing the great tutorial. :blush: