Should this article on NFT's be on FCC News?

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So I was on twitter and I ran across this discussion on the FCC account.

People were pissed that FCC would publish this article in the first place.

I just learned what NFT’s are a couple of minutes ago. I don’t know that much about them.
But from my limited research, most of the articles had really negative things to say about them.

So my question is, Should this article still be on the FCC news platform?
I understand that not everyone is going to like every article but in this case, there is a lot of negative attention.

Here is the article in question:

Love to hear your thoughts!

Sounds kind’a advanced for FCC. But using Python on Ethereum is legit if you want to learn blockchain. IDK the other parts except for IPFS.

Thanks for your response!

I am just confused why everyone was upset on twitter.

Let’s put it like this: it’s okay and necessary to write articles about new and influential things that happen on the web and people should be informed about them. That includes informing people about the issues which come with it and NOT encouraging them to participate.
Personally, I don’t do anything related to NFT or bitcoin because it’s just bad for the environment (and NFT are just really dumb in the first place).

Hi @BurningQuestion !

I agree that people should be informed about the latest technologies.

It doesn’t seem like the author is doing that though.
They have a section on the values of NFT’s but don’t bring up any negatives.
Maybe if they brought up some negatives then people wouldn’t have reacted this way. :woman_shrugging:

It’s definitely a responsible thing to do.

Hey @jwilkins.oboe, thanks for your thoughts on this.

We talked about this article and the response it got in a recent meeting and decided to leave the article as-is for now. Though the article doesn’t go into some of the drawbacks of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in general, Quincy mentions the environmental impact issue in the weekly newsletter.

While we probably won’t be publicizing the article beyond that and the initial tweet, if we do, we’ll be sure to expand more on the drawbacks of NFTs / cryptocurrencies.

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HI @lophius !

If you are having issues with a project then I would suggest creating a new topic and people can assist you there.

I think my answer is in the next section which I haven’t gone thru yet - my bad. I’ll do that if I still have problems, thanks. :tropical_fish:

We published another one, so I guess freeCodeCamp supports NFTs? :man_shrugging:

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