Show the Local Weather - Completed! Appreciate your feedback

Hi Guys,

I have completed the Local weather app challenge.
Please give me some feedback.
Really appreciate it. :slight_smile:
Feel free to borrow anything from my code. :wink:

Cheers!!! :beers:

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Thanks lot for your feedback Vavin. :slight_smile:

Hi Randell. I actually wanted to make the image change according to the weather condition when the page load. However I could not manage to do it since getJSON is not ready when the page load. That is why I linked it to the toggle switch. Once the background is set, no need to change it until the weather condition remains the same.
I am still working on a method to change the background on the page load.

Great, job keep it up you definitely got what it takes.

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Thanks a lot for your encouraging words Toby! :slight_smile:

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