Show the Local Weather - I can't change background


This code works perfectly when there are no conditions:

But, when i try to compare the variable currentWeather with other value it falls apart:

if (currentWeather>0) {

The currentWeather is a variable that holds the degrees value from $.getJSON:

  $.getJSON(temperature, function(parse) { 
 // variable currentWeather contains the degrees value
    currentWeather = parse.main.temp.toFixed(1); 
    temperIndex.innerHTML = currentWeather; 
    var isRaining =;

The full code on codepen : (getJSON works only when you switch the url to non-https, so make sure you won’t open the codepen with https:// prefix).

How to access the value of currentWeather in that if statement so the background change?

Moving everything inside the async functions fixed your problem.

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Thanks a lot! do you know any source where i could read about it more, so it was obvious to me as it is to you? :smiley:

Honestly, I learned about it from other people telling me like I did you, but googling a bit, I found this link that might be helpful:

Also, codepen protip: if your variable name inside a function is yellow instead of blue, JavaScript doesn’t recognize it there and you probably need to check its scope (or you just forgot to declare it).

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