Showing the correct HTML file

Hello everyone This is my vs code folder structure
Screenshot 2023-04-14 110934
However when I start the live server it prompts me to choose a folder

is there a way to directly make it show me the index.html which is inside the dist folder ?
Thank you in advance

Hi, aliibra
paste follow codes into ur setting.json file of VSCode, change the ‘./index.html’ path name to the relative path to your cwd(current working directory)

"liveServer.settings.root": "./index.html",

Hi @Quasimurdock Thank you for helping , i wonder is it will be problem if iwant to deploy it to github pages or i should change the file structure ?

Hi. U dont need to worry about the structure. Just push ur files from dist directory to the gh-pages branch to ur github page repo, it will build for u automatically. If u need any detail steps, try google keywords with ‘deploy github pages’ theres a lot of related instructions in detail step by step.

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