Silly me, already stuck in project

Hey guys! I am doing the Markdown Previewer project but I’m already a bit stuck. Could someone tell me why the expected result of my code, “Hello”, is not appearing as it should? I see there’s something wrong but how to fix it…I’m blank. Thank you in advance.

Hello there,

Some things to note when using CodePen:

  1. CodePen does not expect any content outside the body tags.
  2. All meta, link, and script information must be put in the :gear: settings section of the HTML editor.
  3. You do not need to/cannot link the CSS in your HTML, if you place the CSS in the appropriate section.
  4. If your project uses React, use the Babel preprocessor, and link the CDN in the appropriate :gear: section.
  5. The editors offer the ability to format and analyze your code, providing useful information about forgotten closing tags etc.

Remember, react and react-dom are separate libraries needed to use and render React code.

If you are still confused with how to use CodePen, please read the official documentation.

Hope this helps

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To be honest, I’m still very confused. But thank you for helping. I’m just being a blockhead today I guess.

Detailed walkthrough:

Go to the :gear: icon in the top left of the JS editor:

In the new window which pops up:

  • Select Babel as the JavaScript Preprocessor
  • Add react and react-dom as external scripts. In that order

Hope that is clear.

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Lol, clear as crystal! :laughing: Thank you very much. Sorry for being brainless.

Haha! It’s working now! Beautiful code!!! I always think I hate coding till it starts working and I see my work come to life. Thank you!

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Hey guys! I’m much further in, but…I’m stuck again. Why isn’t my previewer working? Please help. Thank you.

Nevermind nvnvnvvvmind! I got it. To anyone that would have attempted to help, thanks anyway. But sometimes idiots have good luck and do something so stupid they find the answer.