Simon feedback: SiBot is a pale reflection of life


Please let me know what you think of my Simon app: SiBot is a pale reflection of life.

The sound is iffy on Chrome (which appears to be a known issue), but other than that, I’m dead chuffed with it.


Style is great. I like your work!
First thing I notice is the sound doesn’t always play. What is the “known issue”?

Mine plays fine on Chrome:

EDIT: Ok spoke too soon. :confused:
2nd EDIT: I found a bug but struggle to recreate it. There are issues with timing when the same note is playing.

Nice! Very unique solution. Keep it up man!

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is an example of tautology - a pedant writes :wink:

Oh man, you’re worse than a grammar nazi. Besides, tautology means to have redundant wording. Some solutions might be less unique than others. So how are “very” and “unique” redundant?

Thanks! The “known issue” is that I understood from other forum posts (as well as consulting the Interweb) that the html5 audio tag doesn’t work consistently on Chrome.

From my limited personal experience, the html5 audio tag doesn’t work well with any browser. This is on my todo list for figuring out whether it is just me (95% confidence level) or that the audio tag just doesn’t work that well.


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@cmoss3 unique means there is only one. So by definition, you can’t have more or less than or any extremes of one. My late neighbour used to pick up on it all the time so I notice it.