I finished Simon! (and the front end track :D) I'd love any feedback

The code, on GitHub

Try it here!

This project was interesting. At first I tried to write ‘good’ code, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Finally I just went with the simplest (and kludgiest) implementation I could think of. It sort of works, but it’s a bit buggy still. Sometimes the game will start playing the sequence and then again with a delay, so it seems to stutter. Also the sounds don’t seem to work right in Chrome.

I’m planning on going over the code again, to make it cleaner and hopefully sort out the bugs, but first I hoped to get some objective feedback.

Anyway, thanks for reading and if you do take a look please let me know what you think!

Remove the button outline and besides maybe too short pauses between sound rounds, it looks quite good.

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thanks :slight_smile: Good reminder about the outline, and I’ll take a look at the button length.

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There is a bug I think. Maybe after 6 rounds. Simons show the patents and when I try to do the same. He will show me the same pattern and sticked in the same loop.I didnt reach that challenge yet so the only advice I could give is Don’t give up!

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Thanks! Do you mind telling me what browser/OS you tried on?

It was with chrome on my Android platform

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Okay, Thanks! I used FireFox for most of my testing, I did check it in Chrome, but not in depth. I’ll take another look at it there.