Simon Game project feedback

See the Pen Simon Game by Juan Li (@juan-coding) on CodePen.

Here is my short story about how I started and finally finished this project: At beginning, I play around with <button>, hoping to ‘shape’ buttons to the color pattern in the Simon game, but after around one hour of thinking, I chosen building SVG for Simon game face in illustrator (luckily I already knew how to manipulate SVG in javascript). Then, it took me another, perhaps 10 hours to finish all the code. I don’t know my coding ability. Is the time I spent too much for this small application and is my resolution not very good (at least the game generally matches the ‘User Stories’. )? Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Your game has some issues.

  1. Before I switch the game on, if I click one of the colored buttons, the game starts playing but it does not work correctly.

  2. If I turn the game on and click start, everything seems to work until I click a button out of sequence as the first button I click. In non-strict mode, it should a a minimum replay the correct sequence again. Your game does not do that.

Test it out for yourself by turning on the game, clicking start. Purposely click on the correct buttons for the first couple of rounds. Then, after the 3rd round as played the sequence, click on a color which is not one that has played yet in the game. Your game will just sit there even though the first button clicked after the sequence is played, is not the correct first button which should be played. Your game waits until the number of clicks matches the round number, but it should instead immediately display !! and replay the correct sequence again. That is how the game Simon is supposed to work. Just adjust your logic so that the first wrong button clicked displays the !! and replays the sequence again.

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Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and very useful suggestions. I have just made some adjustment to my logic of how Simon’s supposed to work and fixed the bug you mentioned as well. I have another question: the sample video is not saying something about the maximal times of user making mistakes. I assume it no more than one time. If up to twice, user needs to start the game from counting ‘01’.

See the Pen Simon Game_v2 by Juan Li (@juan-coding) on CodePen.

Only in strict mode, should the game start at level 01 again with a completely new sequence. In non-strict mode, I believe the actual Simon game keeps playing the same sequence over and over until the buttons are clicked in the correct sequence. It only takes one mistake for it to give the !! and repeat the sequence again. In strict mode, it also only takes one mistake.

You could always create some additional logic which makes the game start over in either mode after an incorrect sequence is entered a specific number of times on the same level for the non-strict mode, but that is not how most Simon games I have ever played work.

I have also seen some Simon games that only allow a specific number of seconds to pass before another button is pressed. This keeps the game moving faster and does not hold up the game for a player who wants to take 30 seconds per button press. That is not a requirement for the FCC project, but it would be cool feature to implement.

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See. I’d never know what is ‘Simon game’ if I didn’t doing this FCC project. Many thanks. I understand that good design for web application matters a lot. I’ll edit my code tomorrow morning.

Indeed. Adding cool features is a very good practice, including my my previous completed projects.