Simon Game Strict and Reset issues - please help

Hi everyone. I have the latest on my Simon game, but when I err on StrictMode it will reset, but it won’t let me click on the Start button. It also calls in a different message, does not put the strict button in, and jumps straight to the player’s move.

I’m not sure where I went wrong.This is my last issue. Can someone help please?

Here’s my Code:

On error in strict mode you call the resetgame function which hides the strictOff button (leaving no visible button to control strict mode) and sets the strict variable to false. You can remove those 2 things first but it also calls newRound() at the end of the function, so you could change that part to something like


this should cause non-strict mode to reset as intended when reset button is pushed, and strict mode to only start over when you manually click start.

Beyond that, I cant find what disables clicking on the play area before starting the first game ( or enables it after) in the time I have. But once you start a game you can hit a button at any time even at the game over strict mode screen and it counts as a bad play. if you can disable clicking gameplay buttons at that screen, I think you’re good.

Hope that helps,
Good Luck!

Thank you so much!

That makes sense. I can see why I’ve been driving myself in circles that last few hours.I think I can fix that.

I appreciate it.

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I think I’ve fixed most of it.

I think I’ve met the user stories.

Can you please check for me?

I can’t personally spend the time, but you might want to post it to the project feedback section and someone will probably help.

In my quick glance I noticed that error on strict automatically turned strict mode off for the next round though.

Good Luck!

Great design to start with. Out of the box thinking and good creativity on your part. The tones are soothing too.

However, I noticed some issues too. The start/reset button is not working as intended. When I press the reset button, it seems it’s not getting reset properly because I can still play the previous game. Also when the game is over and when I click start again, nothing happens. Also, I guess it’s better not to turn off strict mode once it’s chosen by the user unless the user does it on their own.
And one more thing, try to disable user clicks while the computer is playing the series.

All the best.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

I believe that I have addressed most those issues in the version.

Would you please check for me?