Simon says colors flash once on random duplicate color and storing click value off user in array

I recently updated my Simon says project with help from Freecodecamp forum and StackOverflow. My latest issue is when a color is chosen randomly more than one time it does not properly change opacity from 1 to 0.23 and back again. If color randomly is equal 3 or 2 times in a row. eg(blue blue) lits up only once and sound plays the right amount of times it should change. Next i am having trouble keeping track of clicks on color squares. I tried pushing this value into userClick array and codepen cannot display output due to it being to long. Here is my latest updated Simon says game

Use the browser’s console (Windows Chrome is Ctrl+Shft+I in and Mac Chrome is Command+Shft+I), then you can see the output.

I certainly know of developer tools in chrome. I am only unsure about the output in my userClick array does not match the classVariable array which only contains the particular div color class . name chosen by random Math.floor(Math.random() * color.length) function. useClick usually displays a div value and not just a class name example [] instead of .green as in my classVariable [".green"]. i also fixed the duplicate color not indecate properly by replacing my .css with fadeTo and fadeOut - fadeIn.