Simple javascript project -- feedback greatly appreciated

Hello, all.

I’m posting a simple javascript game that I just finished, based on a project from a course that I have been taking as a supplement to what I’m working on here. I dressed it up a tiny bit and added a few functions that seemed like natural fits.

I’m hoping that you will play with it a bit, see if you can get it to break, and give me any and all feedback related to developing best practices as I continue to study. As ever, all of your input is greatly appreciated!


@james922, it looks good. Just a couple of suggestions;

  • on desktop there’s a lot of padding on top so I have to scroll down to see the play area. All that empty space on top isn’t necessary.
  • when the user loses, the entry area says “well done”. Maybe change that message.
  • when the user wins or loses and clicks on the ‘Play Again’ button it just toggles between showing them the final screen to an entry screen that doesn’t allow a number to be entered. User has to refresh the page for another replay.

Thank you very much for this!

Very cool project! :vulcan_salute:

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Thank you! It was a fun one to play with. I will address the issues brought to my attention by Roma and update.

@james922, I did the same, made a little JS game. Play mine and tell me what you think.

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Very cool! What a nice, clean look.

Thank you for sharing!

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