Simple menu in Python

I have to do a menu in python, can help me?

Could you give more information? What do you mean by doing a menu in Python?

That’s the menu. You can solve it please? simple functions… I need for homework.
must be added: ID student(1,2,13,87,29…), full name and grades. Each student one below the other. PLEASE…

def print_meniu():
print(“1.Upload information about students from the keyboard”)
print(“2. Display students”)
print("3. Display grades ")
print("4. Display students and grades obtained ")
print("5. Search student by name ")
print(“6. Display promoted students”)
print("7. End program ")

Like that:
ID student: Full name: student grades:
13 Jermaine Cole 7 8 9
16 David Purpose 5 9 10
with spaces between them

Do you know dictionaries in Python?

No, i don’t know… Can you help me? Can solve the menu?

What do you know about Python?

I only worked in C simple programs… I just started python. I don’t want to be a programmer, i just want to do this homework… Can you help me please? I’ll analyze your code for understand.

We won’t just write your assignments for you here, but we can help you do it yourself. : )

I don’t know English very well…

Sorry, I can’t do your homework.
You have almost everything in your exercise. Now google how to do each step.