Simple question on Building a Cafe Menu

So I swear I have my code right… heres the deets;

Step -

# Step 65

Inside the `footer`, add a `p` element. Then, nest an anchor (`a`) element in the `p` that links to `` and has the text `Visit our website`.

Code -

          <a href="">Visit our website.</a>

Hint -


Your new a element should have the text Visit our website.

It does, the link works… what am I forgetting? I learned about styling, but it didn’t ask for anything to be added… hmmm.

Paul Allen

Solved -
There wasn’t supposed to be a period on the end of ‘Visit our website’ - jeez. :stuck_out_tongue: Guess thats my fault, but… HEY I haven’t said HELLO yet. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m Paul Allen… my friends call me Paulie. Hi, freeCodeCamp!!

Ya, this issue is a very common error around here. I wouldn’t blame yourself completely, it’s very hard to tell that the gray background doesn’t extend to the period. I think the instructions can be rewritten to make this clearer. But there are a lot of places where this issue occurs, so it may take a while to get to all of them.

And welcome.

/* FOOTER */

footer {
  font-size: 14px;
  a {
    color: black;

Don’t worry, I got a new one… :stuck_out_tongue: what the heck am I missing here? Trying to set the a to black only in the footer links…

So you can’t nest CSS rules like that (at least not yet, or not without help from a transpiler). I’m not sure which step this is for, but I think there is only one a element in the HTML, right? If so, then you only need to include the a in your selector.

But if you give me the step number then I might be able to give you a better answer.

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I got it; I was nesting it within that footer section, everything after “a” needed to be on a new line… I’m trying to GRASP all of this, and I’m ‘getting’ it… but that had me thinking. Thanks for kind replies… super cool community.

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