Simple website template - feedback?

My aim with this template is to make a simple HTML website, that anyone with no coding experience at all could use for their own site. It is super simple, minimalistic and hopefully pretty useful!

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Off the bat, I’d suggest commenting on your code. Someone who doesn’t know how to code won’t understand where to put their content. That or write a really detailed documentation and link it on the demo page.

Also, I don’t know if it’s advisable to remove the padding on the ul globally like that. Maybe put that navigation inside a nav tag and then only edit the ul in there so any lists made in the content body still has its user agent styles?

Are you going to add more styles and dummy content (like showing how different headings, forms, tables, etc)?

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Added some commenting! :slight_smile:

Not sure about that. Maybe further along the line, but I’ll work on improving what I have now.