Site is wrong about u1 list

I think this site doesnt work clearly sometimes.
u1 list must I do. I am doing true but it says wrong. I will be crazy please help me

Send your code and link to the challenge,



no error I think my codes are true but site is silly

@se_mai you wrote u1 instead of ul?

what ?? I wrote that

  • milk
  • ul = unordered list
    li = list
    ol = ordered list
    BUT U1 = 100% nothing

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    yes thanks I am embarrassed now I must clean this topic :slight_smile:

    No… I mean you wrote 1 and no i… there is no problem with u…
    I don’t know how to explain… I know just how to show all solution

    you are right. thanks again I wrote u1 this is true. that I think this is my first list so I wrote u1 but I must write ul. ok understand

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    Don’t feel bad! Typos are an incredibly common (and frustrating) cause of code bugs, even among overpaid senior developers. :smiley:


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