Sites like FCC for Python?

Please share if you know any.

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I just ran a search online and this came up.


thanks, though I feel it is useless for me to say so because you are clearly a bot

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Negative. I am a meat popsickle.



I used codecademy to learn some basic Python principles. I’d say its a useful resource along with other things, runs you through some classic challenges and is fairly tried and tested. Best of luck.


I’ll just leave these here.

Rmotr is a better value and better content, however, neither are free.
Datacamp you can access the first few bits for free, no CC required, after that it’s 29/mo access fee.

RMotr is more strict, it’s literally a class that’s done via laptops. Theres alot more that goes on, you meet alot of people, build real apps, tremendous site really. The classes are about $400 and run 4 weeks. Full scholarships are available but competition is stiff for them.


@ArielLeslie you can check out In the Practice section under subsection python, you will get difficulty level wise and topic wise challenges to solve.It’s good to learn basics.

But you won’t get anything like FCC for sure.

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which books are best/good for Python?

The first reply in the thread linked above:


thank you, gotta buy a old fashion book, so i can always have it with me hehe.

Have you tried this one ?

“Learn Python the Hard Way” and “Automate the boring stuff” are pretty good. They also have a course on Udemy for it so check it out. There’s a ton of stuff on youtube too if you haven’t seen them already.

Happy coding!

This is also worth trying to learn.