Sites not updating when I make Changes

So, I basically have wasted twelves hours not being able to figure anything out because I was trying to load my webpage on chrome from github and it was not updating. I had to flush the cache and then the updates would appear. Unfortunately I found this out after an entire 24 hours of not being able to figure anything out. I think I was right on most of what I was doing but the pages would not update.

What programs do you use that shows the websites updating so that I don’t have to manually delete the cache every time to get it to update? This is extremely frustrating

Github is now not updating. I ended up deleting pictures out of the HTML and they are still staying on the site. I need to get something else figured out.


It will be highly helpful if you can be a little specific on your issue by sharing code snippet or github urls in your post.

Also will suggest you to use the site:
for all your exercises as it will be a super time saver in this case.

Thanks for posting.

I think you could have reloaded the page versus clearing cache. A static page isn’t going to reload on its own just because you made a change on the back end.

This was answered by @ArcticPirate in a question you asked two days ago. I’ll repeat that part of the post;
If it’s a static site, you can use a text editor to write your code. Any of these will do:

  • Atom
  • Visual Studio Code (Recommended)
  • SublimeText
  • Brackets
    (Though I’m not sure why they say VSC is recommended)

I am talking about when testing out my static site. I am still learning to code, I am not one of those guys that knows his code is going to work. I was putting it online to make sure it was working on mobile devices, that is why I was trying to host it on github and test it out on my phone.

I can’t test out the compatibility for my phone by loading it on my computer.

I was saying, for your static page you can do a reload (cmd+r on Mac or ctrl+r on Linux and Windoze). You shouldn’t have to clear cache just to see any changes you made.

You can use Dev Tools and simulate a device with either Chrome or Firefox. Open Dev Tools (cmd+option+i on Mac or ctrl+shift+i on Linux and Windoze).

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If you use Visual Studio Code there is an extension called live server that will allow you to do the hot reloading locally (it opens the page locally, when you save the changes in your code, the page will reload).

I also suggest you to commit often using git.

And as @Roma suggested, the DevTools (also accessible by pressing F12) of your browser do have an option to simulate different screen sizes.

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Thank you! I will check that out. If I can mimmick my screen size, I can use atom and do this all locally.

Another big thank you to Roma and simonebogni, this fixed all my issues. I can simulate my device while hosting right out of programs in my computer. This is perfect!

In firefox you can use ctrl + shift + r to reload without the cache. Maybe in chrome there’s a similar hotkey.

But yeah definitely you should do the editing locally and upload to github only when you are satisfied with the changes.