Snake game like on the old Nokia phones

Unrelated to the freeCodeCamp, but I made a vanilla JS snake game this afternoon, thought I’d share it.



This is fantastic! A couple of things

  • The swipe controls on mobile are causing my screen to go up and down on my phone
  • Include buttons to click so that phone users dont have to swipe

Other than that this is fantastic and smooth!!

This is awesome, my current highscore is 33 :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback @caleb-mabry.

For the screen moving on swipe, is that because the document is too large to fit on one screen so it’s scrolling (ie, there’s a scrollbar in your browser), or is that from OS-level gesture controls? Maybe if I run preventDefault() in the touch events it will prevent that behavior.

Nice! I’ve got 79 on my desktop, I think I played for at least an hour or so after finishing it…

Looks cool. I noticed the Kanji dictionary on your portfolio. 日本語を話せます?

Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, I’ve been working in Japan for almost 5 years now and I do speak Japanese.