Feedback on my game please. If you want to help make it responsive you're most welcome as well!

Hey guys!

I’ve been trying to utilise the knowledge I got here and put my JS Fu to use.

Browse on computers though -> it’s not optimised for mobile, and that’s why I am here.

Funny thing. I have 0 clue on how to make it mobile responsive (I mean just the layout) , so if anyone would like to help me with that I would be most grateful. I mean I am like 100% lost, I don’t understand why the boxes don’t listen to my % commands and don’t expand. So if you want to have a go at teaching me, feel welcome!

Also any suggestions towards the game itself are welcome, as I plan on keeping it online and upgrading it a lot (hopefully to user editable database of events in the near future).

Technologies used HTML (well just for skeleton) CSS(very messy) and super simple JavaScript.

Everything is explained in the game itself, it’s just a working prototype, similar to Reigns ( ), although swipe has not been implemented yet (looking at jQuery to do that).

I came up with this - ; I have no clue how to drop it to gitHub either (will take care of that tomorrow though.

Thanks in advance!

available on codepen for easy edition , and an inside look behind all the mess.


I think you will improve your coding skills if you keep building projects like this. They require a wide array of skills to be implemented.

I would like to let you know two things about css :

  • You seems to use reset or normalize css properties. Did you know that Codepen allow you to load these two files ? You can do that under settings > css.

  • About the responsive capabilities of your game, you may find useful Bootstrap.

I don’t know how far you are in the FCC curriculum, but you will certainly find valuable resources under the Front end development certification.

Thanks for the suggestion - didn’t know about the normalizer on codepen.
As for the FCC curriculum I am about to start the JSON-apis-and-AJAX part now. I’ve been rushing through the beginning a bit, not putting the css to use hence my problems. I was thinking about bootstrap, but I am still wagering whether I am not one of the “I prefer it the hard way” types, which would mean I would need to understand how to bend CSS to my will first.
The last e-mail suggested they will be some curriculum update on the 16th of September or so. I will do the frontend part again and supplement it with some html5/css/bootstrap exclusive reading.

I was having a blast writing that app. Game design must be so much fun, I envy everyone doing that right now!
A little braggin here - sorry but I am litteraly finishing my victory beer now and want to share! I feel really pround as I’ve managed to do it within a time limit of 24 hours. I mean I literally started from scratch yesterday around 23 and it was “ready” today around 18 or so. By ready I mean the working prototype of course, as I’ve just realised that the game can indeed be lost, but can never be won by current ruleset.

I totally recommend people do the same - I had a huge problem thinking that this whole programming thing is just to vast to be applicable within a short timeframe, and here I am mimicking someones ideas in my own prototypes, withing hours, after a couople weeks of learning only. Everyone has to find application for the knowledge they are accumulating - it’s the easiest way to make sure you retain it. Remember most things can be deconstructed in smaller pieces and simplified. Whoever you are, consider that I’ve never actually played the game I am mentionning up top. I have only seen it’s minute long trailer. Anything can sparkle ideas.

Here’s my game toDo list for the days (hopefully) or weeks (more probably) to come:
0. make sure game can be won first - the points counting system needs a little adjustment , but it’s really basic as it’s based on simple maths. I am thinking about randomizing it to the extreme so that there’s no strategy to beat the engine available.

  1. update the theme - it will morph into “make sure your pets are happy tamagochieques game” and graphics (let’s wait and see how will steam categorise it!:P)
  2. update the design so that is scales properly and goes fullscreen on mobile (at least on my mobile!)
  3. work on events content-wise : right now there are only three. I want to have ~50+ to make sure it’s more enjoyable.
  4. implement random events their mechanics (same as above)
  5. Implement swipe functionality - animated transitions / element updates - > if anyone has some tips for that, they will be most welcome!
  6. implement randomly generated minimal pair events - so that only two given animals loose or gain, compared to each and ever right now [yeah the “engine” is written so as to allow adding new powers easily] I have half the code for that ready anyway (or at leats its prototype concept)

n. translate the events into user editable database and publish a number of game modes online - > this will probably come after backend.
n+1. Turn it into a full blown android App (right now for the lack of a better ideas I am thinking about implementing GameMaker)

The fun part is that some of them (set generation) I can do on the bus or well, you know offline.
I will let everyone know once I update it, and will hopefully have some testing audience :slight_smile: I am not sure how much place will there be in the game for new concepts covered, but I am already thinkin about writing the random quote generator as a function that chooses the win/lose messages. Any tips about that appreciated as well!

FreeCodeCamp is the best. Seriously, I don’t remember last time I’ve done something so rewarding, and it’s mostly thank to FCC. A big shoutout to Quincy and the stuff. Keep on rocking!

quickedit. It can be won, but only because there’s no reset and the counters dont stop. Two new things that seem relatively easy to implement : )

Hey guys!
I’ve updated the game “a little” , if you’d be so kind as to test if that works for you it would be awesome!
What I’ve changed in this version :

  • compared to 4 preset animals you were given before, you can now choose your very own set of four, hell you can even play with 4 different cats to make it even more random (there will be a problem here though, you will not know which cat demands things any given round, and the counters update based on index, not animal type)
  • there’s more events, and they have randomly generated value - between 2 and 15 (Math.floor and Math.random)
    -I had to make use of removeEvenListener (which was super confusing), but I have finally managed to do it
    -the top panel updates as you choose
    -panels appear / disappear when they are needed
    -simple bootstrap was implemented although it doesn’t work well on my phone to be honest (I have a high resolution honor)

They game is still under the same adress

let me know what you think please. I know yesterday it had issues with playability, I hope I’ve solved most now.

Right now, I am simply wondering how to make a certain event trigger when a numeric var reaches a certain level, any ideas on that? It would help start the game automatically after the fourth choice was made.

Happy coding!