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Maybe I’m stupid, maybe this developing thing is not for me. I’m a software engineering student, coursing 5th semester of 10. One of the programming languages I’ve liked most is this one: JavaScript. I’m a tireless man and a hard working person, soon I’ll be 36 years old and right now I feel I don’t get too much in reward from what I’m studying. It’s been very dificult for me to work in something I don’t like (I’m a beverages compay fleet cordinator) while I study what I’v always wanted. And I must say I like programming, but I’ve hadn’t enough time to dedicate to this. Because of COVID-19 I’ve had a little more of time for studying, and did great on Responsive web design module. But at this point of this Quincy’s JavaScript module i feel very stupid. I’m at the ES6 module on lesson 9 and I’ve seen the HINT help for 8 of the 9 lessons because I don’t know how to do’em. As much as I think about how to solve it, my head does not gets the solution. I feel very discouraged. I’ve seen many youtube videos, but I still don’t get the logic. Maybe you may check all the stupid questions I’ve made in others lessons. I’m a beginner at this, I know many of you here are pretty experts, I have only 1 year learning this web development thing, but my wishes are big, and I still want to keep learning, I still want to become a developer, but I feel I’m not in the right logic way.

I don’t want to solve 90% of these lessons with HINTS.

Please help.

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const sum = (x, y, z) => {
const args = [x, y, z];
return args.reduce((a, b) => a + b, 0);

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Challenge: Use the Rest Parameter with Function Parameters

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Look at the example in the challenge again. How does it create a function that takes an unknown (or variable) amount of arguments? You are doing the same thing here.

If you don’t feel like you understand the rest parameter then google ‘javascript rest parameter’, there are several links near the top that give a very good description.

I’ve heard several people here say before that the FCC curriculum itself will not teach you everything you need to know. You will most definitely need to supplement it with other online resources. Personally, I learn best from old-fashioned methods, like reading a book. So I would suggest you get yourself a good Intro to JS book and start working through it.

Hi @rafael007, Also a beginner here, I know what it feels like, as suggested by bbsmooth, read a lot. I know its easy to watch youtube videos of programming, but it’s not the best way for learning. I used to watch too till I realize I wasn’t getting anything useful at all. But when you read it just gives you a different perspective. I would suggest you read then understand (code a little) then go watch a youtube video(if you must). I would suggest going through MDN.

p.s Believe -> Action ->Growth.
The learner lab Helped me a lot, maybe it can help you too.