Social Distancing Introduction Thread – Let's Stay Home and Code Together Online

Hey everyone!
I am Aleksei. I am a student in Sicily, Italy. Although, originally I am from Russia.
I’ve been doing FCC since October, and I want to start the carrier in web - development.
The epidemic didn’t hit us as hard as the North, but still, we are at full quarantine now,
so I’ve got a whole bunch of time to do that and figure out how JS functional programming works.

Stay safe and code!

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Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to take this time of social distancing / self isolation to start to learn to code. I read a Reddit post that said to come to freecodecamp to get started in front-end web development so that’s what I’m doing :slight_smile:

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Hi . I m Naima from Pakistan .
Hope everyone here around the world is safe from COVID’ 19.
I m an unemployed self -taught developer. Learning and practicing JavaScript since 1 year . Nowadays I m looking for a remote job of the entry level position.
FCC always motivates me to learn .


Hi @QuincyLarson,

I’d like to join

You can get started here:


Hi everyone, my name is Maria and I’m from the Netherlands.

My country got hit with the coronavirus and we are just starting to feel the impact. So I try to do my part which is more then just staying at home. Like to go and help out those who need it. Like doing grocery’s for the elderly. It’s not much but, I really do hope to motivate the people around me to do the same.

In this time what we need most is unity. That’s also why I replied to this thread I absolutly love it. Let’s all stay together in our toughest time and may our hearts come together in peace <3

Greetings from Kitty :3


in this time, this could be something nice to listen to:

Podcast: The Happiness Lab
Episode Title: Beat Your Isolation Loneliness

Many of us are being advised to stay at home and avoid social contact to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Human interaction is a vital component of happiness, so Dr Laurie Santos asks Stanford’s Professor Jamil Zaki to explain his research into how we can maintain meaningful links to our loved ones, friends and colleagues even if we can’t be in the same room with them.



Hello everyone!

My name is Lucas and I’m from Argentina. I started learning with FreeCodeCamp around a year ago and on October, 2019 landed my first job as developer thanks to it So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you Quincy and all the people that worked on the site, you literally changed my life, can’t thank you enough really.

And to anyone from Argentina (and every other country as well of course) if you need help with the curriculum, your resume or whatever just PM me! I’d be more than glad to help you.

Cheers, be safe and look after each other.


Hi! I’m Matías from Argentina and I’m working in an app that i’d like to post here once finished to get feedback.

Meanwhile I’m finishing last FCC’s challenges. I think FCC helps me a lot.

@lezojeda done!

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Hi @QuincyLarson, listening to your interview on FCC. Super motivated to learn the skills necessary to leverage computers to create tools to help myself and others!!

During this social distancing times, I’m motived to hunker down and learn as many skills as possible before I have to return to work.

I feel a bit lucky as I recently was able to sell my small condo, right before the social distancing took effect.

I feel so lucky to be living in a small studio with a bath/kitchen. What more do you need to learn to code really?

I’m also a stoic philosopher, and super thankful you created awesome curriculum for free. Thank you!

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Hi, I’m Sarah. I’ve been trying to learn this coding stuff since November, but haven’t been very successful. I made it through the HTML and CSS lessons, but have no clue how to code a website. Hopefully I will be able to figure this out! I really want to change careers into a developer role. My brother did it a few years ago and raves about it. He’s the one who got me started with all this. Anyways, I still have to work during this pandemic because I work for a medical device company. I’m still trying to work on coding at night, when everyone is asleep. Thanks for reading!


Hey everyone,
I’m Max. Mechanical Engineer from Germany who moved to France in January. The job market does not look too good in the area at the moment so I picked up coding around mid January. I had a year of C++ during University but that was quite a few years ago.

I hope to become a freelancer one day but things seem so uncertain. French companies seem to rely heavily on degrees which I don’t have. Will I be able to work at an american company from France? They’d rather hire a fellow american and make it easier for themselves, no?
So yeah, l’m motivated to learn a new skill but very uncertain about how realistic this programmer thing is for me.

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I am Leslie and like a lot of people I am working from home. I am a little nervous my company will be doing layoffs/not make it during this time. I am here to take advantage of my down time to learn. I am an artist who loves technology. I should have just went into web design while in college but I was focused on being a “famous” photographer.

Now that I am 30 and haven’t had a steady career path it is time to take things into my own hands. Thank you for reading my small rant.

Everyone stay safe :slight_smile:


Hello everybody!

Krishna here. Have been learning on fcc for more than 3 months now. Just 2 projects away from my front-end certification. The problem is I don’t have a guide to help me when Im stuck, to help me look in the right direction.

I would like to learn deeply about how about the process of making solid algorithms & some general info about why we choose one method over another. What are the trade-offs. I believe thats where we learn the most.

Would love to be part of coding together, are we doing it in some place specific?

Thanks & stay safe

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Hi. My name is Sampson Kotey Djanie. I am looking forward to improving my programming skills and landing a software engineer job

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Hey everyone! My name is Henry and I just finished the Python for everyone specialization on coursera and I really enjoyed it. I’m unemployed until further notice but I’m going to spend my free time coding! Check me out at


Hello everyone,

My name is Vishnu , from India , just staring my journey as web dev and landed into freecodecamp and will be going to a bootcamp next month, so thought of learning some basics from here…and today I completed my first certification.

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Just like the real world, there usually isn’t a guide to help you do exactly what you want, but there are tons of resources out there to help you do specific things. The key is being able to find what you need, and combine it with what you know.

If your interested in more deeper Computer Science knowledge, I recommend going over to and checking out what they recommend. I usually give this resource because it lays out everything and doesn’t try to sell you anything. It goes over topics and resources you would study if you were to go try to get a CS degree, and thus is a fantastic starting point for that sort of knowledge. :slight_smile:

You can look for meetups in the General part of the forum, but there aren’t a lot normally, and due to the new circumstances there probably wont be any new meetings even with more active groups.

Keep up the good work and keep learning :slight_smile:


I mess with figuring out how to make interactive math stuff in my “down time” tutoring at college. I’d hoped to have down time over spring break but … nope, we’re doing that “everything goes online” thing… and that includes tutoring. So it hasn’t been 'til about NOW (and spring break was last week, but extended to this week) that I’ve had breathing room. So now it’s back to it :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m Vicente. I mainly code in Django and Bootstrap and I’m learning ReactJs right now.

I’m a freelance dev focusing on Shopify and building stores for clients. You can check my portfolio at

Cheers and stay safe everyone!

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