Social Distancing Introduction Thread – Let's Stay Home and Code Together Online

Hey everyone, I’m Quincy. I’m a 39-year-old teacher in Dallas, Texas. I started back in 2014.

I created this thread so we can all introduce ourselves to one another.

If you are in one of the countries hit hard by the coronavirus – and are doing the responsible thing of socially distancing yourself from others to slow the spread – introduce yourself here. We can all help one another learn to code together online.

And when the dust settles, many of us will be able to go out and get new jobs as developers.


Say hello to Remote work!

Quincy, waiting for my beta access! :wink:

Best wishes and stay good to everyone in the most affected countries.
Stay home as much as possible and lets hope for everything get better!

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Welcome. Thanks for your kind words. Check your DMs for beta access :wink:


Doing what I do the best


Unfortunately, it looks like I can’t log in to /learn :sweat_smile:

Hi everyone,

I took a bootcamp in Cincinnati last fall that really didn’t cover React and Redux. Recently I was hired by another bootcamp to be an instructor, and I’m using FCC to teach myself React and Redux because I need to be good enough to teach it by June!

Its been a huge help to me and I’m lucky to have the job I have, so I signed up to start donating last night. I’d encourage anyone who has the means to do the same.


Hi everyone, my name is Martin, from Mexico it seems that we are just getting hit with the coronavirus and want to make the best out of it.
I´ve always liked when I code simple things and they LIVE!


This is also a good time for spending time with family (if no one appears sick) just try not to go insane :smiley:


Hey there everyone, I’m Danny! I’m from the UK, and we’ve just started making everyone work from home where possible. I’m ~7 months into my first ever job, and this is ever so slightly hilarious. I’ve no idea how this is going to work, and am already preparing myself mentally to see all my workmates in dressing gowns when we have our Skype meetings.

I hope everyone stays safe, and have a great day!


Working from home for the last 2 days. My two little dinosaurs (2 and 5) make work a bit challenging, attempt to lock the door into studio resulted in riot :boom:

Tip: wear light-gray sweatpants and white T-shirt and let your kids coloring you with markers while you’re working. 2-hour art class and fancy clothes are guaranteed :wink:


good one :smiley: Stay safe.

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FCC for many more like me would be a great way to socialize and stay sane over the coming days/weeks/months…


Let’s make the best use of our free time and improve our coding skills. Let’s not make staying at home boring. Happy coding!


I am not able to login to freecodecamp since morning. I am using macOS(10.14.6), chrome 77.0.3865.90, any suggestions?

Hey welcome to the community.

This should be working now. We just had an API issue for an hour or so yesterday.

Welcome, David. I’m glad freeCodeCamp can help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Also, we really appreciate your donations. They are what make all this possible. Thanks for supporting free, open source tech education.

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Welcome to the community.

Could you forward a screenshot of what you’re seeing and any other information you have to We can figure out what’s going on with that.

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Welcome to the community, Danny. I am optimistic that you all will adapt. Most office work can be done remotely if you all get creative about it.

Hang in there and keep us posted as you progress – both with freeCodeCamp and with working remotely.


Hi everyone. Raphael here. Now in Belgium.
Learn so much in frontend dev and microservices at FCC.
It is great to have such resources. Thanks QL.
Interested in DataViz and Semantic Web (guess this is less popular here).

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Hi everyone,
My name is Nemo, I’m from Canada.
I have studied Python quite some time ago, when it passed to version 3.
I switched to JavaScript since a year or two.
In January, I read Creating Ionic Applications with StencilJS by Josh Morony and discovered progressive web applications, which made me realise that there was some knowledge I lacked.

I searched for a resource and discovered freeCodeCamp around a month ago. It would have saved me so much time have I had found it before!
Excellent resource, thanks a lot.

I don’t have a specific project in mind as it is, but I would hope to publish a small game before the end of the year in order to test my pipeline.

I will probably have more time to spare in the following weeks, so I expect that I will be able to achieve my goal.

Have a good day everyone, and keep safe.

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