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Hello All,

I am new to freeCodeCamp. Just started a few days ago. A month ago, I was almost entirely sure that I will be attending a coding bootcamp. Did the prep course and passed the JS eval and interview to join the program. but now I am rethinking the idea of doing self study through freeCodeCamp. Just by completing the prep course in the bootcamp, I can see a sense of community of students learning about the same subjects at the same time. We do study groups, workshops, i think they used to do meet ups prior to coronavirus. Im just wondering if there is a community where we can do that and level up together?

I’m not aware of specific FCC events, but I highly recommend joining the discord server. It’s a great place to talk to your fellow coders (and not always about coding).

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Ah! Thanks! Exactly what I’m looking for :smiley:

Just to clarify, so I understand what you are saying: You did a prep course for a Coding Boot Camp and enjoyed the sense of community you found in study groups and workshops. And, now you are wondering about community activities here in FCC.

Is this right?

This forum (FCC/forum) is know for friendliness and activity. People here are very happy to help and respond quickly. I’m not sure about the sense of -close- community, like you might find in a BootCamp. How many people were in your prep course? How many would be in the BootCamp? Group dynamics is a real thing and can make a huge difference in one’s experience.

Good luck and please let us know what you decide


Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Will do :slight_smile:

Hey - Quick question… and it might be too personal, but Which prep course did you take, that you liked so much?

This forum is extremely active and friendly. (If you’re not friendly, there are always a couple of moderators online who will ban you.)

There is a freeCodeCamp Discord Server for just hanging out and chatting.

If you Facebook, there is a Facebook group called something like “FreeCodeCamp Earth” that I believe is active.

When things are more… normal, some cities have very active in-person meetups.