Social icons not appearing on buttons

Hello, Newbee here

I cannot get social icons onto buttons even when copying code from a page that has the icons working. Do I need to call a library somehow. Don’t see where that is done in the example I’m following.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

if your social icon is font awesome try adding the following link to the top of your HTML code.

< link rel=“stylesheet” href="//"/>

Thank you. I dropped your link into the and if didn’t work. Then I put the link below in the and it worked:

I found the successful link at

the correct format for your page should go like this -

    Result Size: 668 x 525

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Font Awesome Icons</title>

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">




<h1>fa fa-free-code-camp</h1>


<i class="fa fa-free-code-camp"></i>

<i class="fa fa-free-code-camp" style="font-size:24px"></i>

<i class="fa fa-free-code-camp" style="font-size:36px"></i>

<i class="fa fa-free-code-camp" style="font-size:48px;color:red"></i>



<p>Used on a button:</p>

<button style="font-size:24px">Button <i class="fa fa-free-code-camp"></i></button>



<i style="font-size:24px" class="fa">&#xf2c5;</i>





"<"link rel=“stylesheet” href="">"

(link didn’t send in my first reply to you. I had to quote-out a “<”. Strange.)