Solution does not work on Chrome

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Even though the solution and my solution is exactly the same, the test does not pass for my solution.

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Sometimes extensions will interfere with freeCodeCamp. Adblockers are one of the ones that prevent tests from running correctly.


Ok, removing Adblocker did not make it work either.

It’s possible that you have another extension that is interfering. It’s also possible that your browser cache got in a weird state.

  • “Reset All Code”
  • Delete the freeCodeCamp session storage and local storage
  • Refresh
  • Log into freeCodeCamp again
  • Retry the challenge (you can just paste in your old solution if you like)

If that doesn’t work there’s probably something like an extension fighting with freeCodeCamp.

It is because of the space between width and the colon :

width :

Should be:



@lasjorg is the real MVP.

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:sob: So Stupid of me. I used some auto formatter and it did this to me :sob:

If you’re writing your code in a text editor that does automatic formatting, you should be able to change the formatter settings not to put a space before colons.

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Thanks a lot for sticking around and for this suggestion !