"Solution" to codeally login loop

I’ve come across several posts discussing a similar issue, and I’m having the same problem. The problem is that when you try to start a course, the webpage gets stuck in a loop like this:
codeally login loop
*taken from this post.
After attempting various configurations on my current web browser (Google Chrome), I decided to give it a shot on Microsoft Edge. First, I logged into both my freeCodeCamp and GitHub accounts. Initially, I encountered the same issue. However, I clicked on the padlock icon next to the address bar, and from there, I allowed “pop-ups and redirects.” I also disabled “tracking prevention for this site.” After making these changes, I refreshed the page, and presto! The virtual server loaded correctly.
I suppose that this doesn’t fix the original problem, but at least it’s a way to access the course.

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Have you created a profile in CodeAlly?