Solutions Not Saving to LocalStorage So No Progress

Please do not copy/paste the two ways that freecodecamp stores solutions to problems. I understand that and it is not the answer to my problem (or for many of the other people having the same issue). Just to be clear, I understand that they were reset when curriculum changed, I understand that freecodecamp does not store the solutions on their server, etc. However, freecodecamp is suppose to store that information locally via my browser allowing me to work on things over multiple sessions or see that information when I come back. This is not happening in Chrome, Firefox, with the most lax security settings, all extensions disabled, fresh installs on both, etc.

In no way shape or form am I able to save progress without downloading the json data for solutions which is incredibly inconvenient and not a real solution to a bug on the site. I then have to parse that data to make it readable, then copy it back the next time I log in, etc. This is especially egregious for longer problems that may take several sessions to finish and is obvious not how it was intended since they clearly spell out the two ways data is stored.

Anyways, as I have disabled all security, done fresh installs across multiple browsers, disabled and removed all extensions, the generic reasons of “it must be something blocking freecodecamp from writing” is not helping me at all.

If anyone has had this problem and actually found a solution or has any ideas for me to try, let me know. I know multiple people have posted about it but the one generic copy/paste response seems to miss what is happening to them and I saw them struggle to explain it so I thought I would spell it out clearly to make sure someone can help me.

Cheers and thanks in advance.

Also I’m fully aware it could still be something on my end and just am looking for suggestions to try!

this is an other website that works with local storage:
once I write a few things it says to me that local storage works with my browser and I can close and return later to find my work still there
what happens f you try to use it yourself?

I just used that site, typed “testing kitten testing kitten”, closed the tab, and when I clicked the link again and went back the text was still saved as expected. Which seems to imply that this is a bug on freecodecamp and not with my browser. Thank you for the simple way to confirm that.

" Hey!

Looks like your browser supports local storage. That’s great! Your writing will be saved even if you close this page.

We can’t take responsibility for things going wrong, though, so you might want to copy and paste your work to an external document every so often, just in case."

That would seem to imply something is going wrong with freecodecamp. Does freecodecamp’s text/solution saving to localstorage work for you? If so, what version browser are you using and can you think of any reason it would work on that site but not freecodecamp besides a website bug I can’t fix.

I can’t do the try

but if you think this is a bug on freecodecamp part you can certainly open a github issue

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

I am still trying to figure out if its a bug on my end or theirs but its starting to feel like theirs. So I just realized that if I run the test and it fails OR I do not go on to the next challenge, the progress is saved. I can close the browser and come back. But the moment I run the tests and submit it to move on, freecodecamp wipes everything from that solution even if I go back to it immediately. I think its a bug and if nobody comes up with a solution on this forum post by the time I come back from work then I will submit as you suggested. Since it only happens when I submit the problem successfully, I can at least work on things and get back to them until they are solved but this still sucks because once you finish the problem and submit it, if you later want to look at your solution to remember how to do something or use it to help with a later problem, you can’t.

I am unable to help at all

but I think I remember some sort of discussion about this already

if you are not logged in, do the challenge code stay saved?

Actually yes. If I log out and submit the test, even successfully going on to the next one, the previous one stays solved. But if I log in with my github account and do the same thing, it wipes the solution. That is not what I expected to happen. So it only happens when I am logged in. The only thing different between submitting the solution when logged in versus not (at least that I can see) is the donation window popup. I wonder if that is the culprit somehow.

there was somewhere this discussion already. can’t find it at all though

It seems like a side effect of the “submit and continue” process is clearing the solution. It may be that the intention was to always clear the solution to the next challenge (so you’d be starting fresh if you are choosing to repeat the curriculum) an there is a timing issue. I agree that the current behavior is not what I would expect. You can raise this to the team with a GitHub Issue. (I’m not sure if it will still be relevant with the new changes that are already being made for v7, but it would be worth at least bringing up.)

There are definitely timing issues post-submit. A couple times, I’ve had the next challenge load up with the previous challenge’s description and the current challenge’s sample code. It’s quite confusing when that happens, but a reload has always fixed it (a workaround, I know)