[solved] Is includiing Bootstrap comlicated?

I’m building my own website in Brackets now.
In CodePen we just clicked the button and the link went into the CSS settings window.
But how would I go about this in my index.html?

I thought I should include in the < head> tag as a < link>
So I went to the BootStrap site and there’s all this Bower and Grunt stuff going on and now I’m confused.

There are many ways to get things like that done. As a beginner you’re definitely looking to go the “include in <head>” way, just follow the “Bootstrap CDN” part at https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/getting-started/download/. You’ll know when and how to use package managers and compile SASS soon enough.


thanks for the link @TomaszGa.
the link tag goes in hte < head> bu the < script> tag goes before the close of the body right?

That’s right, and scripts for dependencies (jquery and popper) go before the main bootstrap js file

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oh ok.
thanks for clearing that up for me