[solved] Lol What am I doing with my grid?

I’m on the end of my portfolio.
i’m trying to grid this:

2-spaces, col-md-2(GitHub), 1-space, col-md-2(FCC), 1space, col-md-2, 2-spaces

…and the spacing I think looks right but there’s something wierd going on with my code cus I have these mini btn things allover lol. And then there’s that part on the bottom just filled in with btn-primary lol
Maybe the way I’m coding the row? myb the col’s.

Just a gd hint please, I wana try and finnagle through this bit.

tx peeps

Can you provide a link to your current code?

oh I forgot to paste it hahaha.

HINT: To get a little closer to what I think you want, you need to make sure to close your anchor tags.

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Agh man, I’ll tell ya’.
You ever look at mistakes in your syntax and just start laughing?
-just me?


Laughing is better than crying.


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