[SOLVED]One of the sounds given in the User Stories is not working!

Hello, everyone!

I’m giving the final touches to my Simon Game and almost ready to get my Front-End Certificate!

HOWEVER, I’ve just found out that one of the sounds given in the User Stories for the Simon Says Game is not working. What can I do about this???

all four worked for me. Have you tried pasting your url into the browser and have a listen to it? Can you post the url for the one that isn’t working?

Here’s my codepen http://s.codepen.io/flopy_dv/debug/kkwbBp I’m still working on the CSS so it may change a little. The red one is not working.

sorry I’m new here, can you tell me how to get to the editor view? or paste a link to it, I’m unable to see the url for sounds you use in your addColorToPlayer function.

Oops Thanks a lot!! That might be the mistake then! Thank you!

Sorry, I linked you to the debug mode. It works now! Thanks a lot!

glad you got it working