Rate my simon game please


Let me know what you think. I might switch the background image for a plain desert image just because it looks better.

pen.js:33 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘play’ of undefined

Also line #159.

I’m sorry I broke it… :frowning:

What browser are you using, please.

What did you press before getting that error and where was it displayed?

Please be more specific and give details, it’s very difficult to follow what you are trying to say with such a great lack of details.

It calls a function that temporarily changes color of a element.

I’m using Chrome.
I touched the Turn it on button and it said I broke it, then the buttons split apart and started animating, but the initial button looks like this:

And the console showed the same error for lines 33 and 159.

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Ah, i understand now where the error is coming from. And it’s not really an error. The page still works as intended.

After you press the start button you get those annoying sounds that are randomly picked. They audios are removed after a certain interval. Am still not sure if i should have the full 20 - 30 seconds of irritating sound at the start, so i decided to cut it off after a given interval. Normally it would last until the balls reach the end of the expansion.

Glad to hear it’s working then. Thank you.

Oh good! I was afraid I broke it… :slight_smile:

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Cool! I love it! Plus good sound FX…:slight_smile:

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