[SOLVED]Please help with simon game

[SOLVED]Please help with simon game
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I’m working on my simon game and I’ve encountered a problem.
Once it gets to level 2, when you click one of the buttons, it blinks twice. Since my game depends on adding a number once into an array when I click a button, whenever it gets to level two it adds that number twice, which messes up the if-else statements that would enable the game to proceed to level 3.

I have tried to stop this from happening but can’t figure out how. Please help.
The project isn’t complete but I can’t move forward if I don’t solve this problem. incase you need more clarification tell me.


Your CSS looks broken for me in Firefox 47.0:


It looks fine on my firefox. I’ll add extra stuff to make it works though.


I didn’t make the project responsive that’s why the css there looks that way. if you go to full screen it works



I decided to change it after all. Check it out now.


Here’s how it looks now on my machine:

That’s way better, but now the shape is slightly oval. IMO it would look better if you enforce a circular shape.


all taken care of now