SOLVED React Pomodoro - help passing tests

Any help would be appreciated! My pomodoro seems to work as expected, but I can’t get it to pass all the tests. I’m stumped.

Thanks a ton!

welcome back to the forums @kattow88
One of the first things I’d fix is what happens on first load, which starts the timer @ 5 Secs, then I’d fix what happens after If I decrement / increment the session times, in which the clock does not start from where I requested, fix those first as it is making the tester fail on reset

Oh shoot - the timer initializing at 5 is something I left up while I was messing with it (lol just to get to 00:00 faster)

But the the tip on incrementing/decrementing is great - I’ll look at that asap, thanks @Dereje1!

Solved -

@Dereje1 put me on the right path - I had misread the requirements (OOPS) and in the process of re-writing my increment/decrement functions, I found another bug when I was switching modes (Session/Break)

Thank you!