[SOLVED] Set of Colored Markers challenge bugged possibly?

Taking this thing for the fun of it atm. However I’m surprisingly stuck at task nr 49 in it. I’ve tried multiple ways of going on with the issue, however nothing successful so far. Even asked a coding communith for guidance. Using linear-gradient:(red, red) since it specifically asks for rgb(255, 0, 0). Here’s the issue.

SOLVED: Changed to Edge browser and it worked.

Hi @LawTRIBAL-Official and welcome to the forum!!!
I passed the challenge.

Have you already tried disabling extensions like Dark Mode and Ad-Blockers? These can interfere with tests, and remember to set the browser zoom to 100%. :wave:

What is the error message when you use the property: value; pair you were to use?

Have you tried clearing browser cache?

What browser are you using?

Have you tried a different browser?

I had this bug too and was using the Safari browser. What broswer are you using and have you attempted to use chrome?

Tried both on Opera and Firefox, just gave it a shot on Edge and it works on Edge.

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