RWD Beta, Colored Markers, need help or to verify bug

Hello all!
I’d love some assistance with these 4 steps in the RWD Beta, Colored markers tutorial. Either i’m missing something super obvious, or there is a bug (and i’ll submit an issue).

If someone can help give confirmation or let me know what i’m doing wrong, It’d be greatly appreciated!

Step 1

I guess new users cant attach multiple links/images, so I will try to attach the other steps in the comments

Step 49

Step 60

Step 66

have you tried to use background-color instead of just background?

I think this can solve your issue :slight_smile:

@xoxoKaralee, I recently completed that lesson and did not see those issues. What browser are you using and is it up to date?

@Hugopenna, if you read the text it says to use the background property.

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Safari, and i believe so. I will look to see if i can update anything.

Try using Chrome instead.

Ok, so I guess the next question is, if any other Safari users can confirm this issue.
Chrome does show my answers as correct but is not my primary browser. I’d rather not use Chrome unless absolutely necessary.

I’ll confirm that I see those same issues on Safari v13.0.1 running Mojave

Love the new {Beta} curriculum so far as it sreamlines the process on mobile! Similar bug and perhaps minor scrolling issues in Firefox Nightly on Android

@philsawa, the one you’re seeing is annoying because suddenly the test checks for a slash (which is unnecessary) before the >

That is, they want to see
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css" />

I haven’t checked yet to see if it’s been written up.

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Thanks! Adding the slash worked!

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@Roma Looking at issues, looks like someone posted a similar bug that was on chrome. Someone proposed a fix, i’m curious if it’d also fix the safari issue

Color markers. Step 49 , 60,66

I have this issue

Please create a new post with your actual code and a link to the challenge that you are working on. Thanks.