[solved] Why target navigation (to a section/div on page) doesn't lead to top of DIV?


Would appreciate some advice on this puzzle…

I am trying to navigate to a section of the page (leading to the top of a div).


but the target navigation leads me to the middle of the div (not what I want…)

What I am getting:

Would really appreciate some pointers!

So it’s doing exactly right: when you click the internal link (for example a href="#products"), it brings the div with the id “products” to the top of the display window. But you have content that is fixed there, so you need to find a way to push that content down, probably inside of the container.

Easiest way? Give each target element a padding-top: ... value slightly larger than the fixed header. Of course, that will change your spacing some – might want to lessen the padding-bottom: ... of the preceding element. :wink:

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Thanks a ton @snowmonkey. All sorted now.

Really appreciated the tip on adjusting padding.

Thanks again.

Glad I could help. looking pretty good! :wink:

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