Some books of JS

Whould you please to recomend books of JavaScript. From begginer to senior. Thank you.

I know a couple

JS for Cats
Eloquent JavaScript


Great and free book series YDKJS. I am reading these series now and they are great and easy to understand. Good luck.

In addition to others, I liked Secrets of the Javascript Ninja

It’s written by John Resig, the original author of jQuery who now works for Khan Academy in their computer science area.

I find the book extremely valuable and filled with a lot of great, real world data. It deals with a lot of relevant issues, and looks at how features in various JS libraries were implemented - not just jQuery (in fact, he mentions jQuery very little compared to other libraries such as prototype).

It’s not a beginners book, but has a lot of great data.

I also really like: Learning Javascript design patterns, by Addy Osmani (Google):

For straight jQuery, jQuery: Novice to Ninja was a great one …


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