Any good JS e-books?

hey everyone, I was just curious if there’s any good e-books for Javascript?

You might get better recommendations if you tell us what skill level you are looking for? Also, do you want it targeted toward web development or more just the language itself?

Yes, for web development and for skill level, probably more toward the beginner range.

Eloquent JavaScript is in different formats and is a pretty well know book. And it’s free.

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Hi my friend :sunglasses:

Even the

Secrets of the Javascript ninja

is very good book

Mod edit I have replaced the link with a version I can confirm to be free.

and free :sunglasses:

@Eaglesnapshot4 A book isn’t free just because you can find a link to it. It is free because the author intended it to be so and provides it for free.

Please only post links to the official site that offers the book for free. Otherwise, we have to remove it.

More books (not all in e-book format)

This is a great book. I bought the first edition when it came out and it really helped me nail down some JS concepts. But it is definitely not a book for beginners.

Hi my friend :sunglasses:

Ok sorry, I didn’t know that :sunglasses:

Hi my friend :sunglasses:

Yes it’s very good book for Javascript . I have also bought this.

You could suggest some books for beginners, if you would like :sunglasses: is money. It technically considers itself a book.

Wow lots of good suggestions. Thanks everyone!

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