[AskJS] a good book on advanced JavaScript

I’ve been looking to learn more JavaScript, couldn’t find much resource online. Is there any resource you know that might help me learn it more? Of not, do you know any good book about the topic?

Hey there, i have been seeking js books too and they do enhance the grasp of the language. Flavio Copes has written a good book thats free to download on his site called the javascript-beginner-handbook, site is flaviocopes.com, scroll to the bottom.
There is also an app called Programming ebooks that offers ebooks for all languages includinn Javascript, some are free while others would require you to go premium.
The books include: Eloquent Javascript,secrets of the javascript Ninja, Smart Way:Javascript, The Good parts and functional light js… Secrets of the Javascript Binja seems like a good place to start

I am not sure where you have looked and whether you really want a book that you can hold in your hands, as opposed to things to read on screen but there are many great resources for leaning javascript at all levels. Here’s a few that I find helpful:

The Mozilla Developers Networks Javascript pages. Everything you could imagine learning is here.

If you like videos I recommend Brad Traversy’s youTube channel (all free) – he also has some paid courses on Udemy (I paid around $12 USD for the Javascript course and it’s great). And Udemy has many other free courses on programming too.

And then there is Scrimba, which has many paid courses but also lots of free ones. And what’s nice about Scrimba is that they are interactive – you can pause the video and change the code that is one screen and save your changes too. Most of the free courses there are for beginners but the teachers are good.

Do a web search for “Javascript tutorial” and you will find many to choose from!

Hey there,

what do you already know about JavaScript?
Depending on your answer we can give you better recommendations!