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What do you think?

There’s haters for everything.

If you like it, use it.

If you don’t, use something else.

Not worth wasting brain cycles on though…


I don’t know nearly enough to give an answer to questions like this, but I believe nobody is particular when it comes to the future.

I don’t like fruits in cheese, but I don’t question other people’s taste for them if that’s what they like—as long as they are not forcing it onto me. In fact, I make myself try them so that I know what they are like and I keep an open mind about it because, who knows, maybe some fruited cheese is actually good.

Eh, coming back to the original question, I used to Google things like that, but after making myself actually code for a while, I came to the conclusion that I should spend less time asking pointless questions like that and just code more instead.

If nothing else, and in my opinion, learning certain JavaScript frameworks is like learning a mini version of another language anyway—you won’t be worse off one way or the other as long as you are capable of, and interested in, learning more.

If it’s employability that you are worried about—ask yourself what kind of programmer you want to be first, I’m sure many wise people here will be able to give you an objective opinion on it. If you want to be a web developer then you’re probably going to be safe for a while with JavaScript.

Happy coding. :slight_smile:


I’ve written about why I think JavaScript is the best language for beginners to learn, and addressed a lot of common objections to it in this article:ʇdıɹɔsɐʌɐɾ-ɹǝʍsuɐ-19a33b0a467d


50s… Fortran (mainframe era)
60s… COBOL (mainframe era)
70s… C (the Unix era)
80s… C++ was the big deal
Early 90s, RAD (Rapid Application Development) was sold as the future of programming… Visual Basic, Visual C++. (GUI and WYSIWYG era)
Early 2000… ActionScript was the big deal (Flash) – kinda related to Javscript
Nowadays… too many different languages, depending on what you want to develop.

The future? Who knows?

JavaScript really upsets some people. Apparently, fruit in cheese does as well. I hope he’s as upset about things that are actually important.

- I don't feel comfortable with this car. What should I do?
- Look for other cars.