Somethong wrong with my VS Code

My Visual Studio Code does not do that prediction thing where it automatically lays out HTML 5 skeleton where i can just put my code.How do i solve this?

you need to install emmet

it’s syntax is also very easy. Check it online and you learn it pretty quickly.

Try with ! then press tab.

It says emmet is built-in into Visual Studio code.Also,i worked on other projects and it was perfectly fine.It had suggestions and all.But now after opening a new file it stopped suggestions.

It doesnt work bro

Type in only ! then press tab not !html

Hello there,

It does not appear you are working on an .html file. This could be your problem. I suggest you define the file extension (if you have not), and try again

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I did but still no suggestions.By typing html i was trying to show that it still shows no suggestion

Wow.Great.I hadn’t put “.html” on my file.Thanks a lot buddy.It’s sorted.

I’m sorted now my friend.Problem was i didn’t type ".html"on my file.So i guess VS Code wasn’t recognising it.Thanks a lot

I’m sorted now mate.Thanks a lot