Somewhat stuck working at my RQM. What should I do next?

I’ve made some progress.

  1. To make web design adaptive, I added a meta tag and converted px to em.

  2. I added a heart shape. It seems to be a better idea than making a circle into a heart.

  3. lotsa minor fixes and trying to understand it all

Now what I need to do:

  1. make a working random quote and tweet buttons
  2. make it so when it’s out of quotes (I mean, when all the quotes in a set have been summoned once) it stops with a message “hey, that’s it”
  3. insert my quotes there

No idea how to do that yet, but working on that. What should I do next?

Hey @marienhof,
there is a lot to unpack in regard to what you want to do.
I advise you to start small and then build things as you progress.
First see if fetching random quotes works. Once you have achieved that, see how many quotes you manage to get. Consider storing them in a data structure of your preference.

Let us know how you progress and if you get stuck.

Good luck.